Update Your Bathroom With New Fixtures

Call on the plumbing professionals serving Raleigh, Durham and Knightdale, NC

Are you remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Make sure to hire an experienced remodeling contractor to handle the installations. Allied Home Remodeling provides plumbing installation services to homeowners in Raleigh, Durham and Knightdale, NC.

We can install new toilets, sinks and shower heads. We'll also reconfigure every aspect of your plumbing system, including the pipes and drains, to create a layout that works more efficiently for you.

Turn your project over to a remodeling contractor with 27 years of experience. Call Allied Home Remodeling at 919-856-9390 for reliable plumbing services.

Avoid the risks of DIY plumbing work. Turn to our pros for help.

If you're thinking about remodeling your home, there are many reasons to hire a professional to complete the plumbing work. Here's why:

We'll do it right the first time - Mistakes can happen during a DIY project. If you reconfigure something incorrectly, it can lead to big issues. Our crew has the experience necessary to do it right the first time.

We'll assess your pipes - By letting us remodel your plumbing system, we can determine if your pipes are in good condition and suggest how to rework them to match your new layout.

We're skilled and prepared - Our team has the necessary tools and knowledge to remodel your plumbing system with ease. That way your remodel is finished correctly and on time.

Make us your preferred remodeling contractor in Raleigh, Durham and Knightdale, NC. Call today for your free estimate!

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